Zapier is coming, what ZAPS are you using today?


We invited you to help us test Zapier, and we think it’s amazing that so many of you are willing to give it a try!
If everything goes as planned you will be able to use our Zapier integration starting from June 8th.

Because Zapier is a very advanced and complex API connection, and its flexibility gives users to opportunity to create 1000s of different kind of ZAPS, it makes it very time consuming to test it all. That’s why I would like to ask you a few questions:

  • What ZAPS are you using today?
    For example: PayPal → Spreadsheet or Adroll → Hubspot?

  • What apps are you planning to connect to Datadeck through Zapier?

  • What kind of charts do you plan to create inside of Datadeck when the app is connected through Zapier?
    For example: I want to create a chart showing amount of payments over time for my PayPal account.

Please leave your comments in this topic so that everyone who is testing can join and help each other.


What ZAPS are you using today?
I currently use Zapier for some Gmail/Dropbox connections, and to pull Facebook data into Google Sheets for reporting purposes.

What apps are you planning to connect to Datadeck through Zapier?
We have an active Instagram account that we are using to connect with our users, so using Zapier to pull some basic data from there into Datadeck would be great for monthly reporting etc. We will probably try to get data from Asana too so we can track project creation and completion in one dashboard.The other main Zap for us would be Linkedin.

What kind of charts do you plan to create inside of Datadeck when the app is connected through Zapier?

  • Creating some simple month over month bar charts for projects created/completed would be useful for our managers, as our projects have a quick turnover rate.
  • Creating charts showing our level of Linkedin engagement would be handy - probably a line graph, so we can show off how our efforts are being rewarded. I might set one of those little goal bars for some of our team too to encourage them to hit engagement targets for articles they post.
  • For Instagram we might try to track “new media by location” to see if we can find photos being posted nearby our offices with certain tags. If we are alerted to that each day, we might be able to reach out to those people and invite them to pay us a visit. Will have to see how it will look in Datadeck, but I suppose we could build some sort of table for that, broken down by tag/location.




Some ideas to improve response rates :slight_smile:

I do not know if they are low, but I am guessing, here’s why:

The ux of the system (this site) used for this questionnaire, does not cater to answer.

  • The cta - how to start is unclear. I actually visited the site twice but didn’t start it, as there was no clear structure: “start here” etc.

It is not motivating seeing on the same site - taking up as much real estate as the “asking for a feedback” - what seems that there is none else who has answered: You get that impression How many GDPR emails did you get? has been answered a mere 10 times, and the rest of the topics, zero times. That gives the impression this is “a dead horse” (it could be that then of thousands have actually answered this questionary) but in the context of the rest shown on the site, that would not be the conclusion based on how the brain works.

You are asking a really open question, putting the weight on the “visitor” to do the “biggest part of the hard work” for you. In that way, you get a poor feedback. (perhaps more precise/ higher quality, but lesser quantity). This approach only works if you are sure to get ex. 10.000 units feedback. If the former topics related to DataDesk beneath is any clue, it seems like it’s not working. You are asking about how your existing customers use Zapier. - Ok, If you had made a structured questionnaire listing the most common use, like ex.:

[ ] Zapier + Excel, for sales
[ ] Zapier + Excel, for Lee generation
[ ] Zapier + Excel, for Marketing
[ ] Zapier + Autoresponder
[ ] Mailchimp
[ ] Sendresponse
[ ] Zapier + cms
[ ] Wordpress
[ ] Drupal

[ ] 3 way chain Zaps: ___, ,
[ ] 4 way chain Zaps: ___, ,___,
Onther ways: ____

I bet you would have gotten a lot more qualitative and useful answers.

  • As you would have shown that you do as much of the work as possible to make it easier for the person you ask something of, to give you answers.
  • It’s not complicated answers you need, that demands free text replies. But actually quite structured and concrete delimited number combinations. It would dramatically raise the feedback rate if you had made (and still can do) them like radio buttons or check fields.

For my part, I am not using Zapier yet, as my online part is not up and running yet, due to focusing on finishing my physical product. I can only answer what my ideas for using it is + how I think I want to use it:

So here goes:

Being a small one man company, thou working on 3 revolutionary products, I am going to launch over the next year. I have some close coupled extern expert partners. Not desiring to build a company with a big staff.


  • Brand & Product Vision & Strategy
  • Brand & Product R&D
  • Communications
  • Rest is outsourced to a few close coupled partners.

So keeping my crew small and tight, I am looking to automate as much of standard non-intelligent tasks & process as possible:

For that, I will use zapier (also got an LTD on - Pie Sync, but this will only be for ambassadors) + a “central commando room overview of all critical processes”: Here I got DataDeck as I thought this will be the one. I have thou not have had much good feedback when talked with others irl, or FB groups, getting the feedback that DataDeck has come to a hold, not moving forward, so I should get another system. -> So I am glad to get this news of the zapier integration, I hope that you are getting moving again to make DataDeck the winner it can be. And that you choosing this site/system for feedback is not representative of the state of your vision forward, but rather a nonconscious move, due to being developers using this kind of forum for developer-oriented interaction :slight_smile:

Launching the products: Connecting Viral & social media adds with:

  • Ninja Outreach

  • Brand Mentions

  • Quuu promote

  • Blue Page Ultimate

  • Google analytics

  • Viral-Loops

  • OutGrow

  • Replug

  • Mobile Monkey, FB + website chat boot


  • Mautic Marketing Automation, Autoresponder

  • Serpstat

  • Wordpress, including:

    • ProfitBuilder
    • Elemetor
    • Lifter LMS
    • WooComerce
    • Generate Press
  • Alore CMS

  • Autoclose

To name the ones in my automation stack I will start out with.

Kind regards


Hello Henrik,
This is Yiming (one of the techy guys) at Datadeck.

Thanks a lot for the great feedback, we definitely have a lot of room to improve here. The goal is to have open and transparent discussions, not necessarily limited to answering a few simple questions about hotfixes. I do share your concern on the amount of workload that we could potentially put on our participants though :smiley:. We will figure out a cool way to reward you guys!

Back to Zapier, I really appreciate the list of apps you mentioned and this again impressed me on how much diversity the SaaS world has. My team will use it to verify the integrations and we’re aiming to release the Zapier integration later this week. When it’s live, I’ll post it back here with some more details. Looking forward getting more feedback and hope you’ll enjoy testing with us together.

I can’t tell what project you’re working on but it sounds like lots of fun. If you’d like to give me a pointer when it’s live and I’d be happy to see if it’s something I can use.

Thanks again and have a great one!

  1. I currently have zaps to post new Google Drive files to Slack and our FB Page, and zaps to print attachments from my email using a Google Cloud Print-enabled printer.

  2. I’m planning to use zaps to pull data from Google Sheets to a graph/chart in datadeck. Also maybe pull Insights data from our FB Page.

  3. line charts to show enrollment rates from our Google Sheets, pie charts for enrollment distribution, FB Page insights dashboard


Thanks Kevin! Very helpful! I’ve never thought about printing things via Zapier :smile:.

We’re actively working on getting back our Facebook Pages integration. Right now it’s pending Facebook’s review and we hope to complete it soon. Using Zapier to pull from Facebook Pages is definitely a good solution too.



Hi there,

Quick update, going through the Zapier review process took a bit longer than expected.
Zapier wants us to adjust some things and we expect to start testing on Monday.

We wish you an awesome weekend and hope to see you on Monday!
Claudia from Datadeck