What data source would you like to see next?



DataDeck has been adding quite a few data sources over the last few months.
Share with us what data source you would like to see next!

DataDeck Release Notes → New Datasources (09-27-2018)

PayPal, Twitter, Instagram, Toggl, Zapier :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback! Some good news: Twitter and Zapier are already added as a data source. Enjoy :star_struck:


Excellent! It’s strange that I don’t have them as available data sources. I’ll contact support then.


@epiclemon just following up here… does it work for you now?

  • helpdesk software: zendesk, feshdesk, kayako
  • monitoring: pingdom, google trends
  • weather: no joke, has a huge impact on ecommerce revenues. ie to see sun hours per day
  • price comparison software: netrivals


Thanks for these :wink:

@ymc implementing the Openweather API https://openweathermap.org/api seems like a nice API to use. 100% with the ETL feature coming up to combine and find correlations between weather and sales. What do you think?


…i just hear from our technical department that we are using the same api for another internal service we are using to provide customers with targeted marketing also considering weather data. so i guess it’s a good choice :slightly_smiling_face:


Openweather API looks clean and clear. It should fit well into Datadeck. Probably a good candidate as a nice weekend job for a developer :sunglasses:.

Right now maybe an alternative is to use Zapier’s weather App. We can easily add a Zap template into Datadeck if this is interesting. Can’t try it now because Zapier’s own service seems down now :sweat_smile:


I just created a Zapier template :wink:
Let’s give Zapier 5-7 working days to review and we can add it in Datadeck.