How to Beta-Test Our Google Search Console API Integration


Hi there,

Yes, we are almost there… Our Google Search Console API connection is almost ready to go live :tada:
Right now you can beta-test it, and we would love to hear your feedback.
With your feedback, we can optimize the Google Search Console API connection the way you want it!

Start using the beta Google Search Console API connection by following the next 6 steps.

Step 1: Turn on the beta-test mode
Turn on Beta test mode for your space. Beware that you need to be a space owner or admin to do this.

Step 2: Add a new data
Click on “Manage data (beta)” as in the picture below.
Next click on “Add new data” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Add Google Search Console as a new data source
Scroll down and click on “Google Search Console” to select it as your new data source.
A new window will pop-up.

Step 4: Login
Select the Google account you would like to connect, and allow Datadeck to access your Google account.

Step 5: Add a new widget
Go to your dashboard and click on “Add a widget”

Step 6: Select the data source
Select Google Search Console as your data source, select your account and the website you would like to use.
Click on “Confirm” and you’re good to go!

Enjoy using Google Search Console as a new data source and let us know what you think of it!

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Awesome. Thanks Claudia!


You’re welcome Ben, we love your enthusiasm!
Enjoy beta-testing the Google Search Console and let us know when you come across something that shouldn’t be there :wink:


can you send a screenshot on a sample report in Search Console to display the search queries, impressions and clicks for a date range?


Hi Jason,
I created this screenshot table for your reference by using settings shown on it.

You can also change it into other charts for more insights

Hope this is helpful! :laughing: