I'm coming!YZ

  • Introduce yourself to other community members
    Everyone who knows me calls me Merrick. Im a data guy. :grin:
    I love creating stuff like model toys and I also like playing football. I’m the fan of AC.Milan. :soccer::soccer::soccer:

  • Tell us what your experience with data is.
    I worked for a DMP company before. Extracting the necessary data for the client and
    providing the technical support for their marketing decisions, by using DMP and tracking tools.
    I think data is very important for business-driven decisions and data can tell us lots of things! Like which feature is the most popular, or where are they from and so on.

  • Share your expectations towards this community.
    I hope to help users to get around here. Also, I want to help our developers to build here. :rice_scene:

  • Ask a question. What would you like to know?
    :thinking: Who are u? @Ben


Hi Merrick, great to have you here!
Awesome picture as well, can you tell us more about it?


Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of AMAZON has made it.
it’s always “Day 1” at the company will never stop being a startup and never give up. I think it is our belief.


That’s a nice motto, I agree.
Yeah, I think it’s important to never give up.
I also think that it’s important to keep the positive energy that comes with “Day 1”, everything is still new and everyone is excited. The moment people lose that excitement and motivation, it effects the company as well. What do you think?


I agree :grin::star_struck::laughing::smile: