Datadeck Newsbites #2


Hi there​,

In this Datadeck Newsbites a lot of new stuff that will make your Datadeck experience even better.

"New" website

We just overhauled our website, as a start of our new upcoming Datadeck branding.
Check it out and let us know what you think.
Pretty cool huh?
Visit the “New” Datadeck Website

Slack notification feature

Last Newsbites our E-mail Notification Feature was ready for beta-testing and we have more good news:
Slack Notification Feature is ready for beta-testing too!
Want to give it a try?
Check out how to activate the Slack Notification feature to receive daily or weekly widget notifications and let us know what you think.
Try the Slack Notification Feature

Datadeck Slackbot [/dd]

Not only is it possible to receive a widget notification in Slack,
you can also fetch a widget in Slack with the Datadeck Slackbot.
Collaborate with your colleagues, by sharing your widgets in your channels. This way you can share the latest data with your colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Curious to know how to fetch your widget in Slack?
Click here and let us know what you think!

Release notes

In our release notes, you will find the latest hotfixes, updates and new features that we released. Have a look and let us know what you think on the community website.

Read our latest release notes

Google Analytics Dashboard

Learn how to make your own simplified Google Analytics Dashboard.
Read the full article

Have an awesome day, and feel free to send us any tips or ideas for the next Datadeck Newsbites!

Claudia from Datadeck