It's great to be here - YMC

  • Introduce yourself to other community members
    I’m a software developer and I love creating stuff and turning ideas into working systems. If I were to choose my career again I’d probably be a mechanician or even a cook :grinning:. I live a busy life but in spare time I enjoy jogging, skiing, tennis, and swimming. I always wanted to travel more but never had enough time for it :expressionless:.

  • Tell us what your experience with data is.
    As a software guy, I deal with data all the time: bits in computer memory, tables in databases, and huge files in data warehouses. Now in the era of AI data is becoming air and water: gather them, learn from them and predict with them! Statistics is literally getting a renaissance now :v:.

  • Share your expectations towards this community.
    I hope to help build a community where people from different background and skill levels learn from each other. I love Datadeck and I wish it can be nurtured by this community and realize its full potential.

  • Ask a question. What would you like to know?
    I want to hear stories, lots of them: how people use data in their real life, what they struggle with and what kind of solution we can build together to make everybody’s life easier.


@ymc you are awesome. You should definitely travel more. Come visit me in Bali :palm_tree:. You have plenty of time to travel. You can work on the beach in Bali. See you soon :sunglasses::palm_tree:


Great to have you here YMC!
Nowadays so many people are using data in their daily lives, I’m sure we can help each other out and make everybody’s life easier.
Plus I agree with Ben, make sure you travel more. After visiting Ben in Bali you can join the road trip in Australia :star_struck:, let’s spot some kangaroos together :cowboy_hat_face:
Make sure you collect your traveling data so you can make some cool dashboards and show off back home :grin:


I will, but definitely not in Summer :grin::joy::rofl::wink:


Good idea. It’ll be cool to have my personal map widget with flags on it :smiley: