The All "New" Datadeck


We are proud to show you some powerful new features in the Newest version of Datadeck.

Connect your Facebook Pages

We are very happy to announce the arrival of our new Facebook connection. You can now connect all your Facebook Pages to see how your Facebook fans are interacting with you and your company. Start tracking your followers, page likes, posts, what your fans like and more…

Easier and more intuitive widget editor

We fully redesigned our widget editor. Use the easiest interface ever to quickly create charts. We made customizing, styling and highlighting your data a lot simpler and more flexible. Now you can change colors, add labels, and show a grid amongst other things.

Compare your data: year-over-year, month-over-month, week-over-week, etc…

It’s time… time to compare your data with previous periods. Compare your sales or signups with a similar period before. This will make it easier to discover and visualize your growth :wink:

Make charts with future data

A lot of you requested us to be able to show data from predictions or future periods. In the old version of Datadeck we weren’t able to do this. Now you can! Any data source that contains dates in the future will now be shown and used in your dashboards too.

Advanced calculations: Contribution, Growth%. Cumulative SUM

We added some quick predefined calculations to help you save time. Simply select them to show your: Cumulative SUM, Contribution and Growth% in just 2 clicks.
To get the most out of this we suggest you use this with both the Future and Date Comparison features.

Datadeck & Slack integration

Are you using Slack? Great, we got something that’s going to save you and your team a lot of time. You can now integrate Datadeck with Slack, subscribe to your favorite data widgets and send yourself, your team or company the latest data at your preferred time(s). Or talk to our Slackbot, type “/dd sales last month“. BOOM!

Security, share & user management

We added a few handy security features so you don’t have to worry about your data and who can see what.
Manage your Datadeck members by setting their rights: “Edit” or “View Only”. Our shared pages have password protection and we’ve now introduced IP whitelisting, so you can make sure only certain systems or networks are able to see your dashboards.

“All” Dash filters

Filter all your charts on a dashboard with one click. Save tons of effort! Now you can generate dashboards for different conditions by quickly changing the filter. 

Mobile support

Monitor your data anytime anywhere with mobile view. No matter if you are in a traffic jam or on vacation, no need to worry about your business or your product!

We love to hear what you guys think of the latest version of Datadeck.

Please leave your feedback and help us build the product you want!


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