[Template] Google Analytics Audience - Key Audience Metrics


This Google Analytics Audience template offers you the best and cleanest overview of your audience’s key metrics of the last 90 days.

This template has 4 different sections

  1. User Proportion
  2. New vs Returning User Performance
  3. New User Channels
  4. Improve Retention

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Overview of our pre-built cards:

User Proportion

  • Total users
  • User sources
  • New vs returning users

New vs Returning User Performance

  • Number of new and returning users
  • New and returning pages per session (last 7 days)
  • Average time on page of new and returning users (last 7 days)

New User Channels

  • Sources of new users
  • Average session duration by channel
  • Channel preference of new users
  • New user bounce rate per landing page

Improve Retention

  • Pages most visited by returning users
  • Events most triggered by returning users
  • Top 5 countries with most sessions (last 7 days)
  • Top 5 most used browsers (last 7 days)
  • Top 5 user languages (last 7 days)

Template overview

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Great template.

I would love to see a SEO template combining my Google Analytics and Search Console data.


That’s a good idea @Guy, I’ll make a request for it!