Subscribe on your cards now!


Always wanted to be notified about your cards?

Creating subscriptions for your most important cards is a great way to stay up-to-date. With DataDeck’s subscription feature it is possible to receive updates via email or have them pushed directly to Slack. How to create a subscription? Just follow the steps below.

Go to “Preferences” on the left in your menu and you will see a screen as below.

Click on “Create a Subscription” to start.

Select a dashboard and the card you would like to subscribe on and add a title to the subscription.
Set the day(s), time and whether you want to be notified by Email, Slack or both.

When everything is set, your screen will look similar as the screen below, but with a different card of course :wink:
If you’d like, you can send a preview to yourself so you will receive the card with your current data.

Now click on “Save Subscription” and you’re good to go!
You will return to the first screen and you will see that the subscription is added.

This page will give you an easy overview of all your subscriptions, plus the possibility to turn them off or on whenever you want.

Awesome right?
Create a subscription now!

Let us know what you think of the Subscription feature in the comments below!