Ptengine ❤ Datadeck


Access real-time data anywhere, anytime

Datadeck simplifies and visualizes data. It helps you to visualize various data such as marketing, sales, support etc, all in 1 automated report. With minimal effort, you create day-to-day data dashboards and together with your team and clients you can collaborate around real-time data.

Datadeck is a rapidly growing product that has over 20,000 accounts registered worldwide including Uber, Nike, VMWare, and many others.

Why use Datadeck?

● Easily combine different kinds of data in 1 dashboard

● Free yourself from time-consuming tasks such as analyzing sheets

● Share and work around real-time data with your team and clients

● Easily organize, update and share data, which will save you a lot of time

● Easily create a sustainable business growth environment with a data-driven organization!

Why use Ptengine & Datadeck?

Even if you use Ptengine and Datadeck separately, you will experience their value, but by combining them together it will double the effect. You can easily get an overview of user’s behavior data and also data such as advertisement, purchase or MRR all together. By creating a data-driven environment where everyone can work around data, you will stimulate communication and collaboration within the team and with your clients.

Major “functions” of Datadeck

  1. Combine all your data in one place

Connect cloud applications such as Ptengine, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, advertisement data such as Facebook, Google ads, Yahoo! ads, databases such as MySQL, Redshift and Excel, and let us show you the possibilities of connecting various data. From ads to conversions, you can easily manage all data from cost to sales.


  1. Simplify your data

Datadeck is for everyone, even when you don’t like data, you will be able to visualize it with just a few clicks. No superman (or woman) skills are needed, with Datadeck data is no longer complicated.

Drag and drop your data

After connecting your data sources, drag and drop the data you would like to visualize and your dashboard will be ready before you know it!

Easy data insights by using templates

Fetch the necessary data with just one click. By using templates to visualize the data, you can easily find opportunities and risks.

  1. Stay up-to-date anytime, anywhere

Nowadays everything is changing so quickly and so is your data. At Datadeck we know how important it is to have access to your data. That’s why we offer Datadeck Mobile. Whether you are in the office or on the move, now you will be able to check your real time data anytime, anywhere.

Datadeck’s notification feature

Make sure you stay up-to-date of your latest data when you need it.
Turn on the notification feature and get your most important widgets by email or Slack daily or weekly.


  1. Work towards a data-driven team

Sometimes it’s difficult to communicate with words only. When there is data involved, your team’s direction will be more focused and results will be seen more quickly.

Bring your team members together

The moment your team starts sharing data in real time, everyone will understand the situation better and that will lead to better judgements as a team.


Cooperation with Slack

Datadeck offers the possibility to connect with Slack. This way you will be able to share your goals and the latest progress in every channel.


Datadeck’s comment feature
Datadeck’s comment feature offers you the possibility to collaborate around real-time data.
Talk together about the latest results, ask questions and tag team members to make sure they get notified about the conversation and next steps.


Keep your data safe

Datadeck offers you the opportunity to set permission rights for team members or clients to access the data. Whether you would only like the person to view the data, edit the data or even edit & share the data, it’s all possible. This way you are able to keep your data and your company safe.

  1. Work to report outside the company and data reporting to zero

Datadeck will free you from time consuming work, by gathering data daily and to make sure everything is up-to-date. The possibility to share the real-time situation with clients, will raise data value and build a strong and long-term relationship with your customers.