Learn from Damien Yee - CLO @ CXS International


Quick introduction
Damien is the CLO (Chief Learning Officer) at CXS International and has tons of experience in education and the data industry. He helps companies, young talents and enterprises to understand their data and teaches them how to get insights from it.

In this interview Damien will share his ideas on education combined with data usage… Looking into the future how this will change our work, education and daily life. Finishing off with some advice on what’s important for you to focus on when it comes down to future jobs.

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About CXS International
CXS is a learning analytics company with the capability to manage talent development from education to employability with a focus on preparing national workforces for the ever-changing demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our solution ecosystem connects educational institutions, enterprises and governments to support growth targets through AI-powered analytics. CXS delivers measurable, improved learning outcomes and prepares individuals for life beyond their education years.

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Being part of our DataDumDum community will give you a chance to get in touch and learn from Damien. Simply reply on this article and Damien will answer all your questions or add him on LinkedIn. In his spare time he coaches young startups and passionate entrepreneurs. So take this chance and get in touch!

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Great interview, Guy! I really like the statement that data doesn’t have to be big, what matters is the way how you view it and the details in the data.