Introducing the New and Improved Datadeck UI (9-6-2018)


As you might have seen already: DataDeck got a total overhaul! We wanted to take 3 minutes to explain some of the major changes.

You will now see a nice, easy to follow, left sidebar. This will help you stay organized and allow you to quickly find DataDeck’s top features as soon as you need them.

Most of our changes make it easier to collaborate with your data & team members. DataDeck is no longer just a dashboarding tool… We are moving towards more of a collaborative environment where you can share and engage around data.

The left side now has 3 main sections:

  1. Dashboards
    Here you will be able to find all of your dashboards quickly and easily. From the dashboards section you will be able to go into any individual dashboard and create cards so you can easily visualize and analyze your data.

  2. Manage Data
    This is where you will be able to find a birds eye view of all the data you have access to in your space. If you connect a data source, add a csv file or if another team member grants you access to their data it will all be found here. This is your one stop shop for everything related to your data.

  3. My Team
    This section will give you a 360 degree of your view. It will help you see which team members are currently in your space, what data sources and dashboards they have access to and you will be able to quickly add new team members to help you collaborate with data.

Our team has been working hard to improve the user experience and we have been focusing on making DataDeck easier to use while at the same time providing more values to our users.

You will continue to see changes over the next few months as we will continue to improve DataDeck. If you have any questions, comments or feedback along the way please send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for using DataDeck and we look forward to an exciting future!

Have a data-driven-day,
The DataDeck Family


Great job! Absolutely love the new UI! :+1::+1::+1:



It’s getting better and better! And rapidly!


Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I have seen the new UI and would like to make some suggestions. It takes more time to access dashboards when previously it was really easy to switch between dashboards. Before you had to only select the dashboard from the left-hand side, and now you have to go back to the “home”, then select the dashboard. So, before it was just going from dashboard A to dashboard B. Now, u have to go from dashboard A to home to dashboard B.

On top of that, the left sidebar cannot be hidden which is something that doesn’t have a feature or functionality different from what it was before. This takes up lots of useful space in the center to display dashboards.

Keep in mind that this tool can be used on meetings and this time to switch between dashboards is more idle time, specially since dashboards are taking more time now to load. Also, hiding these configuration menus or utilities is best, again, on a customer facing meeting.


EpicLemon, thanks for your feedback. You are mentioning some very good things:

  • Quick navigation from Dash A to B
  • presentation mode for dashboards without any distraction expect the results
  • Hide sidebar

I 100% agree with you on all of these points. Some good news from our side. Coming soon:

  • Presentation mode (which will solve the distractions but also adds a better presenting version of your current dashboards).
  • Search feature, imagine you have over a 100 dashboards so you can quickly find them.

And as a quick fix for the switching between dash A & B, you could click the dashboards and open them in a new Tab. Right mouse click: open in new tab. This will help you switch quickly between your dashboards using your browser.

Thanks again and if you have any other suggestions or good ideas, let me know.