Introducing Free 1-Click Dashboard Templates


DataDeck just launched their new template feature and we are loving it.
Let’s have a closer look at what dashboard templates are and how they can help you. For an overview of all our 1-click dashboard templates you can go directly to our Template gallery.

What are dashboard templates?
Dashboard templates are pre-made dashboards that we created for you. They contain frequently used cards for a specific datasource, or a combination of datasources, and offer a quick overview of your data, without having to put the dashboard together yourself.

Why are we doing this?
We know that building the right dashboard can take up quite some time and a lot of DataDeck users are using datasources for the same purpose. Because we want DataDeck to be easy to use and help you visualize your data quickly, we created dashboard templates of the most important data in reports.

How is this helping you?
The 1-click dashboard templates will save you a lot of time. By adding our dashboard template(s) you will have a quick overview of the most important data, without spending a lot of time on creating the whole dashboard yourself. All you have to do is to connect your datasource, and DataDeck will pull all the data into the widgets automatically. In case you would like to customize the dashboard, you can easily edit, add and/or delete widgets.

Available dashboard templates
Currently, we are having 9 dashboard templates available. When you click on the template’s name, you will go to post where you can learn more about the (specific) template.


How to add a dashboard template
When you would like to add a dashboard template to your account, just click on “Click here to add this template”
You will be redirected to the template page. Click on the button “Use this template” and choose the space you would like to add the dashboard template to.

Next, you will be redirected to your account where you have to connect your datasources. Once connected, DataDeck will pull in your data automatically.

If you’d like, you can customize the templates to your own needs to make sure it’s a perfect fit for you!

How to customize a template
In the picture below your see the original Google Analytics Overview Template dashboard on the left and a customized dashboard on the right.

To change the colors in your cards

  1. Click on “Edit” in the drop down menu
  2. Make sure to click “Display”
  3. Change the data color into the color you like

To adjust the map to see where your visitors are located

  1. Click on “Edit”
  2. Select “World map” instead of “Country”
    If you would only like to change the country, just click on the name of the current country and type or select the country of your choosing.


Discover which template(s) you can use and let us know what you think of the template feature in the comments below!

Datadeck Release Notes - Week 43, 2018

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