How to Zap 1000+ data sources to Datadeck with Zapier


In this How-to I will show you how to connect tons of different data sources to Datadeck with the help of Zapier.

  1. Click on Manage data in the menu on the left

  2. Click on + Connect a data source

  3. An overview of data sources will appear, now select Zapier

  4. Select one of our pre-made Zapier templates

    In this case I’m selecting to add my Trello cards and store them in Datadeck.

  5. A small pop-up will ask you to connect Datadeck + Zapier. Make sure to copy the key and click Make a zap

  6. In a new screen will appear log in to your Zapier account

  7. The pre-made zap will load and click Create this zap

  8. In the next steps Zapier will set up the Trello - to - Datadeck zap. Add your Trello account, and click Continue

  9. Zapier wants to test your data flow, click Continue to see if we the fetching process works

  10. In the next steps we will make sure to collect the data in Datadeck, Select Create Data Row in Datadeck and click Continue

  11. Click Connect an account

  12. Now it’s time to Copy-Paste the API key

  13. Select your Datadeck account and click Save+Continue

  14. Datadeck+Zapier will create a new destination for you, simply select it and click Continue

  15. Now it’s time to verify if all the data is correctly fetched, check the data labels and if you are happy with it, click Send Test To Datadeck

  16. If the test is successful, you get a success message and click Finish

  17. Make sure your Zap is Turned On

  18. Close the zapier page and go back to your Datadeck account

  19. Go to Manage data and as you can see the new data source has been added

  20. Now go and make a new dashboard :wink:

Enjoy the Zapier integration and unleash all your data and visualize it in Datadeck.
If you have any Zapier integration requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we will add new pre-made Zaps for you!

:tada: How to Beta-Test the Zapier integration