How to export a dashboard as PDF


There’s a new way for sharing

Are you stay clinging to sending PDF report via email?
Here’s the new fashion.

Datadeck is a collaborative platform.
If you need to show data to your team, boss or client, the best way is to invite them into your space!

Collaboration directly within a space may be very helpful on

  • More options on setting up permission controls (read-only, edit, edit & share)
    And you can set them differently for each people.
  • More context!
    There are much more details about data on a live dashboard. The reader can figure out the information they need easier and without always asking you for explain more.
  • Comment!
    When you want to discuss anything about that, you can comment directly around the data.
    If there’re important notes you want to show, you don’t have to download it and edit it in PPT, add a rich text box there and just write!
  • Auto Update!
    You will never need bother to export the dashboard time by time or even after you fixing a minor error on data or description!

Save your time and, relax.

What if I still need export it?

Here’s an easy solution.
You will need some help with a browser extension.
Here’s one for Chrome. (If you are using another browser, I’m sure there are also plenty of good ones.)

Click here to expand the dashboard to full screen.

Then wake up the screen capture tool, tell it it’s time to work!

You will finally get a PNG/PDF (based on how you set up the tool) like this


By the way, you might already have met my buddies here.
We collaborate directly on this dashboard and inspire each other a lot.

It saves tons of boring time for us from old days reporting.
We really hope you can enjoy this someday as well. :sunglasses:

Comment here and let us know no matter you like this way or not, we will try our best to make it better! :muscle:




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