How to “Blend Data” in Datadeck - instructions [ETL]


In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use the new “Blend Data” feature to combine two data sources together and visualize them in Datadeck (also known as ETL).

In this example, I’m using a Google Analytics connection and an Excel file: GA contains traffic data and my excel file contains support tickets per day. The goal is to correlate these two pieces of data by time.

Video tutorial

Content in the excel file looks like:

  1. Connect data sources that you want to “blend”.

  2. Create a new “Blend Data” connection

  3. Add the first table from Google Analytics

  4. Choose “Users” as Metric and “Date” as Category. Note that date time value will be displayed as GMT time.

  5. Give it a name and save. Note name must be combinations of alphabets, numbers, and underscore, without spaces.

  6. Add the other table from the excel file

  7. Choose “Tickets” as Metric and “Date” as Category.

  8. Input SQL to join them by ‘Date’ field, and run preview

  9. Give it a name and save

  10. Now create a nice chart with the “blended” data

Use Datadeck’s SQL Cheat Sheet

A few limitations

  • For each table, only first 100K rows will be fetched
  • The SQL execution result will also be truncated to 100K rows.
  • Only one single SELECT statement is supported.

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