How to Beta-Test Our E-mail Notification Feature


Always wanted to be notified about your widgets?
We created a new (beta) feature to test out: Widget Notifications.
To keep you focused on the most important data, turn it on to receive email updates: daily or weekly.

Follow the steps in this post, or check out the short how-to video how to do it.

Step 1: Turn on Beta mode
First, you need to turn on Beta test mode for your space.
Beware that you need to be a space owner or admin to do this.

Step 2: Click on Notification (Beta)

Step 3: Name your widget
Give your widget a title to follow up on your most important data.


Step 4: Double check the dashboard and widget
If you would like, you can receive today’s widget by clicking on “Send a test”


Step 5: Select the frequency and save
Scroll down, select how often and when you would like to receive the notification and click “save”


Now, all you have to do is sit back and look forward to your first notification email.
Let us know what you think of our new feature, by leaving a comment.

By the way, our next step is connecting Slack to the notification feature!
This will give you the option to receive your notifications in Slack instead.

Do you have some other useful channels to connect to? Don’t hold back, let us know!


This is awesome!!!


I like it !!!

Datadeck Newsbites #1

Great idea! I like it!


Hi guys,

I’m so excited about your positive feedback :smile:
In case you have any suggestions or you find a bug, just let us know!


I’m trying out, some minor experience issues exist, but it does help.
I’m sending user data to my team via slack now.
Everyone can keep a good eye on our goal much more easier. :laughing:


Hi Bunny,

Thanks for letting us know about the small issues, it really helps us to improve our product!
In the next Newsbites, I will update all users about the Slack possibilities we added :heart_eyes: