How many GDPR emails did you get?


Hi there!

GDPR is hot right now.
We’re just curious, how many emails did you get and what do you think of it?
Is it the start of something good? Are people getting more aware of their privacy?
Is it going to change your work?
How does the whole GDPR thing affect you?

Let me know what you think!

Claudia from Datadeck


Only four days until a massive reduction in spam in my Hotmail inbox I’ve had since 1999!

Will be interesting to see which companies ignore the legislation and keep sending me emails… If it isn’t many then maybe the internet could actually become less of a wild-wild west one day and things like fake news can be fixed too. If these kinds of things can’t be fixed then I think we’re all doomed tbh.


I received plenty of emails about GDPR but most of them are just letting me know that it is coming. Only few really explained me what is it.
I guess most of the companies are afraid of GDPR and dont really know what future will bring, maybe that why they not explaining things to me)))


I did get a few but am still clueless as to what the hype is all about?
In the wake of the recent developments on privacy, we will see how personal data of individuals will be handled by all those that collect data, will find out in the days to come.


I assume you’re getting a lot of emails, so it sounds like a nice countdown John!
Is the GDPR affecting your work?


Fair point Dima!
What do you think will happen?


What do you think is necessary to make it happen?


I guess not really much will happen to me as a final user. Probably it will be challenge for internet companies to follow up new regulations.
However in my daily life user experience nothing will change or if it will actually affect my life I won’t be able to do anything besides just accepting it))


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Dima!
Do you expect a reduction in spam emails, just like John?


Don’t think it’s affecting my work tbh, but I think there are a lot of companies - particularly in an industry like recruitment - that could take a real hit. I hear some businesses like that will basically lose 50% of their email lists overnight. Many of them deserve it though - I still get spammed by recruitment companies that I signed up to 5+ years ago…


In a few hours the world will be back to peace :sunglasses: