Hi, this is Elaine!

  • Introduce yourself to other community members
    Hi, all! I am Elaine Yang. I like swimming, reading, playing piano, drawing, petting my cat :cat2::smile: Raised up in a coastal city, I love seafood :fish::tropical_fish::crab::shrimp::shell: sooooo…much!

  • Tell us what your experience with data is.
    My math is poor… I would never imagine that I am close to data every day now. Haha. My background is in Marketing, so I got the opportunity to learn to analyze data, get insights and put forward marketing strategies based on the insights. And now as a product manager, I use data to analyze user behaviors and improve our design.

  • Share your expectations towards this community.
    I hope this community would be a good platform for people who love data to share their experience together. Everyone in the community can enjoy the discussion and get help here.

  • Ask a question. What would you like to know?
    Who are you @Sojier? :sunglasses:


Cool. Nice to meet you in the community Elaine. See you next week in Beijing!! :slight_smile:


Elaine, so good to have you here on the community!
You are living proof that you don’t have to be good at math to use data :muscle:
Enjoy your time here and if you have a question or like to share one of your success stories, we’d love to hear it!