hey hey hey, Lin Lin coming

  • Introduce yourself to other community members
    Hey, I am Lin(Chinese name , English name,Italian name,French name, Russian name (they are same great name ha?:sunglasses:) don’t call me Lin Lin, that’s my full name.Now I am working on Global marketing team “PTGO”. I am an old designer with 12 years experience in different industries. I love drawing and swimming and yummy food. And also I’m fascinated by things that cross boundaries, as it :

  • Tell us what your experience with data is.
    With designing website data is always very helpful. I can get a lot of information from data of users, from which screen size is the most popular one to user experience like users’ browsing time, mouse moving and scrolling. Nowadays, data becomes more and more important, and help more people can use it easier it’s great.

  • Share your expectations towards this community.
    I hope we can know each other better and learn more about data. And I hope our community will be a big party and we can find a fun here.

  • Ask a question. What would you like to know?
    Who are you and do you have pets?


Yaaa Lin!!! Such a cool picture!! My name is Ben and I dont have any pets :frowning: . Let’s do big things together and make some AWESOME DESIGNS!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome Lin! Greetings from Sunny as well :dog: :grin:


What a cute dog :dog: :heart_eyes:


haha Sunny is so cute~ Labrador retriever is my favorite dog!! clever, gentle and strong!!!:hugs::hugs:


Maybe you can let polar bear as your electronic pet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that him torn down your wallpaper? :laughing:


Any photo for your pet @lin.lin? I always heard about him but never know what does he look like :laughing:


Lin! Welcome here on DataDumDum.
I don’t have a pet, I’m traveling way too much for that :earth_asia:
Good to hear that data is helping you with designing as well!


No that’s by an Alaskan owned by my cousin :joy:



Envy you can travel everywhere


Say Hello to everybody! :hugs:


So cute :star_struck:


Awww @lin.lin :heart:


Nice photo and cute :dog:!


Wow Lin nice to work with you, you are such awesome designer no doubt :slight_smile: My late GrandPa used to have German Shepherd I was very attached to that but after died i dont wanted to have any pet :neutral_face:


Thanks Saqib~
I’m sorry to hear that~ I really know your feeling. When I lost my first dog I felt every sad for a long time until i met this pet ~ maybe you will met another one ~~ be happy:hugs::dog::dog::dog: