Hello, Its Saqib from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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    Hello Awesome Ptminders its M Saqib from Kuala lumpur Malaysia. My passion is travelling and working at the same time. I worked in 3 countries, Emirates, Pakistan and now in Malaysia. My hobbies are exploring culture food and I love to do volunteering activities as you can see from my cover picture.

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    Lead Front-end Developer with more than 12 years of professional experience designing and developing web sites, managing web projects, and working with Global Brands. A self-starter, passionate about learning new skills and creating great products that meet both user and business needs. I am looking forward to use my experience to create some impact.

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    I am really looking forward to contributing or create some great impact in our ptminders community. I hope we learn from each other and support each other work smartly and grow aggressivly :slight_smile:

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    I would like to know more about our community member’s their passion and their culture :slight_smile: and I also would like to share more about our culture and food


woow ~ you looks so cool and handsome ~ in the picture, creative develope! ::guitar::+1:


Hi Saqib, thanks for joining us!
It’s nice to see that you’ve worked in different countries.
Do you feel that data is approached differently in different countries, or is it just all the same?


Hey, Saqib, Thanks for having you in our company, and you guys did a good job on the new datadeck.com project. I am so excited that we can start promoting it. Hope I can meet you soon in KL~!


Welcome, Saqib! Great cool picture :+1:


Thank you Lin Lin i am still handsome lolxx … This picture belongs to one of Valentines day when everyone from all walks of life meet to support the Spread the Love Campaign.We bring old or gentle used household items, food, or personal items to simply give to homeless peoples.


All pleasures Claudia. Its really great experience working different countries with different mind sets, and if we talk about brands, Then brand consistency is important, different markets favor different sales and marketing approaches. For example, in countries where relationships have a higher cultural value, such as Japan, selling products and services through local partners, such as resellers or channel partners, achieve faster success than direct sales models.


Thank you very much Sir i really appreciated to give us chance to show up our passion and i am really thankfull to @Ben he lead us such a way that we feel loving with our work and looking forward for many contributions in future, and cant wait to meet you :):heart_eyes:


@ymc Thank you very much I like to read your introduction its awesome