Guy - a true DataDumDum


Introduce yourself to other community members
My name is Guy, work-wise I’m a complete nerd, started playing with computers and nerdy stuff back in the days when I was a little kid. Grew up with tech, IT, software and marketing. Still fascinated by gadgets and the latest tech.

What is your experience with data?
Well data is everywhere… I work with a lot of different marketing tools like: Google Analytics, Stripe, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Google Spreadsheets and a lot more stuff. As a Marketing Manager I need to be able to understand what our team, customers and market wants from our product. These tools 100% help me to be able to find these insights.

Share your expectations towards this community
I’m joining the DataDumDum community simply because I :heart: Datadeck. I want to be part of their Data Journey and will do my best to share my knowledge and experience so Datadeck becomes something of all of us!

Ask a question. What would you like to know?

  • I want to learn more advanced skills to be able to get more out of my data
  • Are there any DataDumDum stickers? Really want one for on my laptop!
  • I wish that one day I can meet my good friend @Ben in Bali


@Guy Amazing!! I’m saving a seat for you now. Get over here!! :grinning:


That’s actually a really good idea. As soon as we have our logo ready, I’ll get to it and make sure you’ll get some stickers Guy!