Explore DataDeck's Comment Feature!


As you might have seen already: DataDeck got a total overhaul!
DataDeck is moving towards more of a collaborative environment where you can share and engage around data! One of the major changes is that we added the comment feature.

With the comment feature, you will be able to work around real-time data with your team members, without using other tools!
Plus, you will be able to see the whole discussion that takes place linked to the widget. All in one place.
Would you like to notify your team member? That’s possible too! Just tag your colleague and he or she will be notified by email.

Imagine your whole team engaging around your data, asking questions and getting an instant reply.
Plus everyone involved is up-to-date!

  • Think about your data scientist who needs more information on how your company builds or tracks data.
  • Or the CEO asking for explanations in negative data changes, and together you can discuss how to solve the problem.
  • Also talk with your team members about sudden increases in performance. Ask or share insights with your team members, so the company can keep making those successes.

Now, I can hear you thinking… “How can I use this awesome feature?”

I’ll get right to it!

First, you have to make sure that all (necessary) team members have access to your dashboard.
How to do that? Easy!
Click on the 17%20PM button on the upper right side.
Next, enter their email addresses and select the kind of permission you would like them to have.
If you’d like, you can add a message before you share it.

Once everyone has access to your dashboard, the real fun can begin!

Click on the chat%20button button in the lower right corner of your widget, and write your comment.
Don’t forget to tag your team member if you want him or her to be notified. You can do this by adding “@” in front of the name. All tagged members will receive a notification by email.

Just like I did as you can see here :wink:

Well, what do you think of the comment feature? Let us know what you think in the comments below!