DataDeck's free trial: features you don't want to miss!


During your 14-day free trial, you will be able to use all of DataDeck’s features.
Let’s have a look at the features that you don’t want to miss!

1. Data sources

DataDeck’s data sources cover marketing, databases, and cloud services such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforces, Mysql, and Amazon Redshift. All available during the free trial!
Simple drag and drop and you will convert “dry” data into nice charts.
To get a good overview, you can visualize important data from different sources, all in 1 dashboard.
Hurry up and connect those data sources!

2. Global filters

Wondering how to fetch specific data faster in a dashboard? Use our global filters!
Imagine a dashboard of all your users and you only want to visualize the data of your paying users or weekly retained users. No problem, use our global filters to add filter conditions.
Best thing is, you only need to add them once and it will be used for all the widgets in your dashboard.
Plus, after the end of the free trial, it will not affect the historical data!

3.Calculation field

When you’re making a report, you will probably need a custom formula.
For example to calculate new user’s growth rate, access conversion rate, refund rate, etc.
Normally, it would take up a lot of your time but not with DataDeck!
Just click on the button “Data field”, add your formula and there you go.
What a smooth and nice experience!

4. Notifications

Remember that time when you missed out on important information? Probably because you were too busy or not aware of it. Make sure you turn on the notification feature for the most important widgets. You will receive a notification by email on a daily or weekly basis.
You can also receive your widget notification in Slack, individually or in a channel.
This way, you and your team will never miss out on your key data!

5. Public share link

Imagine that you’re creating all these amazing dashboards, but you can’t share them because your clients don’t have a DataDeck account.
Nothing to worry about, because with DataDeck you can use a public link.
This link gives access to the latest version of the dashboard, and can be protected with a password.

Excited? Start your 14-day free trial now and don’t forget to share your experience with other data-lovers here on our DataDumDum community!
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