Datadeck Roadmap Q3 2018


For the next quarter, Datadeck is looking to focus on sharing and collaboration.
We hope to encourage a shift in focus from offline reports to collaborating online in Datadeck, where teams can make use of their real-time data.
We are also focusing on sharing and collaborating with our users.
That’s why we’ve decided to open up and share our roadmaps with you.
These ideas aren’t set in stone, but this way you will hopefully get a good impression of what to expect in the coming months.
Here are the features and updates we have planned for Q3.

Collaborate with your team
To make it easier for you and your team to work around data, we will deliver features and make improvements that are focusing on collaboration. For example we are:

  • improving the sharing feature to help you get people on the same page easy and fast.
  • making data sources shareable with better permission control (read only, edit, share) to each member, based on how you collaborate.
  • providing a comment feature around charts for easier noting and discussing, etc.

Get data everywhere

  • Notification feature
    With our notification feature, you can subscribe for notifications on widgets via email and Slack.
  • Datadeck mobile APP
    With our Datadeck mobile APP you can view your kickass dashboards and widgets on your phone.

Let’s build cool stuff together!

  • Launch DataDumDum Community
    On our DataDumDum community you can connect with other users, help each other and learn more about DATA <3
  • We also have really cool events including beta-testing :smiley:

More data connections!

  • Zapier API integration
    With our Zapier integration you can upload your Zaps into your dashboards and connect APPs with Datadeck through Zapier.
  • Google search console API integration
    With our Google search console integration you can visualize your google search results.
  • Twitter API integration
    With our Twitter integration you can collect all Twitter data in Datadeck.
  • ActiveCampaign API integration
    With our ActiveCampaign integration you can view all your email campaign data in your dashboards.
  • Youtube
    With our Youtube integration you can view all your Youtube channel information in your dashboards.

Better experience

  • Renovated data manager UI
    With the renovated data manager UI providing a smoother user experience, you can now easily collaborate with your team around the same data.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what feature or update you are looking forward to!

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