Datadeck Release Notes - Week 46, 2018


In this weeks Datadeck release we are introducing a big new feature.

Data sources

  • Generic Zaps for Zapier; now you have more flexibility making zaps of your own with this pre-build zap that gives a set of predefined fields.

can make any type of Zap you like with the “Generic Zap”

  • New pre-made zaps for: Drip, Weather & Kayako

New features

  • Data Blending is live for all our Business, Enterprise & Appsumo users. Now you can merge up to 3 different data sources into 1 card/chart. If you feel creative you can even combine multiple data blends together so in theory there is no limit :wink: This version of Data blending is SQL only. Learn more about data blending

Product improvements

  • Edit titles in the dashboard directly without going into the editor
  • New UI for sharing password protected dashboards

Fixes and updates

  • Unsecure Google Drive connection fixed, now you Google sees Datadeck as a secured partner
  • a lot of minor bug fixes to improve speed and performance

Let us know what you think of our latest developments in a comment below!



Love love love this!!!


Jup, this will save us all some time :wink: