Datadeck Release Notes - Week 20, 2019


New Features

  • Meet the new Google Analytics datasource. We’ve upgraded to the latest version of Google API, which provides better performance and a richer set of features. Now in the field list, you can see names of custom metrics/dimensions and custom conversion goals.
  • Quickly choose from recently used data sources and create a new card with fewer clicks.

Fixes and updates

  • Manually refreshing a dashboard now triggers a refresh of Blend data sources, and also resync any sheets involved which are stored on Google Drive/One Drive/S3.
  • Alert now handles percentage values properly.
  • Improved visual cue of application of dashboard level filters.
  • Public shared dashboards now refreshes with the same interval as regular dashboards.
  • Current page of table chart is preserved across refreshes of a dashboard.
  • Drilldown level is preserved across refreshes of a dashboard.
  • Improved card rendering in comments view.


i love specially the refresh of publish shared (url) dashboards! that is amazing because it allows url dashboard users to monitor dashboard values ie on a fix screen. great and important new feature!

really true: i was sitting yesterday with a customer explaining that url dashboards are not refreshing automatically. suddenly they refreshed and they told me “but they refresh” and i say “no, impossible” but then i see they really do. so i was missing that feature and now it came exactly with a presentation at a customer. great thing!


Thanks, Frank! I’m glad it helped :sunglasses:!