Datadeck Release Notes - Week 13, 2019


New features

  • Bubble chart is released. Use it to easily understand the relationship of multiple metrics at a glance. We just can’t stop adding new charts :wink: .

Fixes and updates

  • Layout of publicly shared dashboards is optimized. They have a cleaner look now.
  • Drill-down status is persisted across dashboard refreshes.
  • When a dashboard hits its refresh schedule, data is loaded in the background and old data is replaced instantaneously when new data is ready.
  • Issue with tooltip sometimes not disappearing when mouse moves away from card.
  • Rich-text card display was broken for a few hours and it’s now fixed.


sorry for having a non expert question. i think i not understand the principle of the bubble chart data. i would like to see how much revenue i get by customers of different age and number of returns to the shop. looks for me like the screenshot attached. the result is just one bubble. obviously i am making a principle mistake. which one? maybe some examples can help to understand better the data that has to be provided for the chart.


Hi Frank, thanks for trying the Bubble chart. For bubble charts, X axis, Y axis and Bubble size are metrics usually for showing performance, and Category field is for splitting the full dataset into different bubbles for each unique value for that field.

I just made a simple example for Bubble chart, like below.

This chart is analyzing advertisement performance. it shows the relationship between Reach (Y-axis), Engagement(X-axis) and CPC(Bubble size). Each bubble is an age group, so you can understand the performance of each age group. you can also change the age group to Ad groups, Campaigns etc.

For your situation, maybe you can try to put the Age into Category, and leave the Revenue and Number of prior_orders at Y-axis and X-axis, by this you can know the performance of each age group.