DataDeck Release Notes (09-19-2018)


Our new UI comes with weekly updates to make sure you keep using the new DataDeck to its full potential!

New features

  • Subscribe to cards (LIVE)
    You can now subscribe to cards so you get informed automatically with for example the latest sales information. Create reminders to receive the most important data daily or weekly. We will sent you an email or a message in Slack, plus you can add your team members to make sure the whole team never misses out on the most important data.

Product improvements

  • Optimized “Space details” page
    The UI of the space details has been improved, divided into 3 tabs.
    General → shows you your space details in general
    Members → shows all the members that have access to your space
    Plan → shows your plan, credits and current usage of your account as shown in the picture below. (See picture below)

Product improvements

  • Preferences
    This new section in the left menu gives you direct access to:
    Subscriptions → Manage all your card subscriptions. (See picture below)
    Extras → shows the API key. You can use your API to connect to 3rd party apps and push data directly to DataDeck for example Zapier.

Fixes and updates

  • Ptengine :heart: DataDeck
    It’s now possible to connect DataDeck with Ptengine and sync your DataDeck data and dashboards into your Ptengine account. Plus an easy access from Ptengine to Datadeck is added…
  • Some minor bug fixes to make your DataDeck experience even better!


  • DataDeck Polarbear Game
    At DataDeck we love to have a lot of fun. That’s why we developed a cool DataDeck minigame with our new mascot called “The Polarbear Game”
    In the mood to play a game? Just login with your DataDeck account and try to get on top of our leaderboard!
    Play the game

Specials (for developers)

  • Connect your own API with DataDeck
    DataDeck now offers the possibility to add your own API. By using Google Drive and 30 lines of Python code, you can pull even more data into your DataDeck account. Have a look at our post on the community website and let us know what you think.
    ​Learn How To Add Your Own API


The game is beary beary addictive!!!


found a bug in your pic… TT