Datadeck Release Notes (08-30-2018)



  • Comment feature
    With the comment feature, you are able to collaborate within Datadeck. Together with your team, you can work with real-time data and tag team members to make sure they get notified!

Fixes and updates

  • Added the possibility to set data range. (New Data Manager only)
  • The frequency of notification emails is increased.
  • Bugfix for the comment feature, including tag a team member, email content, global filter and loading status.
  • Bugfix for uploading files with double or empty column names. (New Data Manager only)
  • Bugfix for inconsistency between shared data source and dashboard. (New Data Manager only)
  • Changed automatic order of metrics to descent.
  • Changed the error message for data processing. (New Data Manager only)

Right now we are working on a lot of new features and API integrations.
Make sure you check out our 2-weekly Newsbites for our latest beta-testing updates or check our posts on DataDumDum.


Awesome. Let’s keep the good stuff going :grinning: