Datadeck Newsbites #1


Hi ​​there,

We have been so excited about all the new updates and features we’ve been working on lately, that we decided it is time to start sharing them with you! Every two weeks we will keep you updated with this newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Notification feature


Always wanted to be notified about your widgets?
We created a new (beta) feature to test out: Widget Notifications.
Turn it on to receive email updates about your most important data: daily or weekly. It would be awesome if you could check it out for us. This way we can make it perfect!

​Beta test Notifications now​

Zapier "beta"


We are proud to tell you that our latest API integration is Zapier. A group of our users already tested it and provided us with useful feedback, and we are ready for a final round of feedback.
Can’t wait to connect Zapier to your Datadeck account?
Check out how to beta-test it on our community website.

Try Zapier now and read all about it​


To see all the other cool things we have planned, check out our roadmap for Q3 on the community website and let us know what you think!

Read our Roadmap

Release notes

In our release notes you will find the latest hotfixes, updates and new features that we released. Have a look and let us know what you think on the community website.

Read our latest release notes

Think like Google

And learn how to grow your website traffic in 4 steps. Check out our latest helpful article on how to boost your traffic.

​Read the full article​

DataDumDum Community

Another thing we’re excited about is this new community of ours: DataDumDum. On DataDumDum we want to connect data-lovers from all over the world. We’ll be sharing our latest Datadeck news, but also important data news. We want to get the conversation started! Make sure you have a look…
Curious how we came up with the name DataDumDum?

​Read the full story​

Have an awesome day, and feel free to send us any tips or ideas for the next Newsbites!

Claudia from Datadeck