Datadeck demo: Analyzing Black Friday Sales Data


Black Friday has been over for a few days now and that gives us a chance to analyse all the crazy sales numbers.

In this Datadeck demo I’ll be using a dataset from that’s based on: 550.000 observations in one of the biggest retail stores in the US. WIth that dataset I’ll be building a simple and quick overview in just 7 minutes and answering 6 major questions.

  • Who is buying most based on age?
  • Total amount spent during this observation?
  • How many shoppers did we have in this store?
  • How are sales compared between male vs. female?
  • What’s the Top 5 products sold?
  • What was the average money spent per age group?

Black Friday Analysis video

The questions above can be used as sample questions in almost any company that has sales. So use this demo within your own company and start exploring your data :wink:




Nice course. One little thing is that I think for some of your case you should use DCOUNT instead of COUNTA


Thanks for the tip :wink:
Can you explain here what the major differences are between DCOUNT and COUNTA @Jiasheng ?


The major difference is that DCOUNT eliminates the repetitive appearance of the same data.
See the below example: