Create smart alerts and let Datadeck monitor KPIs for you


Alert allows you to get notified when conditions are met on your cards. For example, you can let it send you an email when your new signup users are less than 100 by the end of the day, or when your revenue drops below 50,000.

To set up an alert, you will first find a card that you want to monitor and click “Add alert” on the card menu.

Then the alert setup dialog should show up. Here you can specify for what conditions the alert should be triggered, and also when your data should be checked. I’ll show two examples here.

Example 1. A single metric chart for New Users

Trigger the alert when New Users are less than 500.

Example 2. A line chart for Revenue by Date, split by Channels

The alert is set to trigger when Revenue is less than 1000. Additionally, I‘ve added a ”category“ condition so it only applies to the most recent date of your data. You can add more categories to further limit the scope of data under watch, e.g., only for the “referral” channel.

The logic behind is, you use “trigger conditions” to specify what KPI to monitor and how to check it, and use “categories” to fine tune what data points to include if your KPI maps to multiple points or data series on the card.

The next step is to choose when and how often you want Datadeck to check your card. A common scenario is to check your daily KPI at the end of the day. You can achieve it by setting check time to right before midnight so it gets a full day of data.

The last step is to choose how you want to be notified: email and slack.

You can manage all your alerts in the Automation section. It was previously called “Preferences” but has grown into an Automation centric module, including subscriptions, alerts and API keys (for Zapier/Program based automation).

Known issues:

  • Scatter plot chart is not supported yet.
  • Metric condition for percentage value needs to be input in decimal format, i.e., for 10% you need to put 0.1 as condition value.

Alert is in public Beta now and is available to all Datadeck plans. Hope you enjoy this new feature, and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Datadeck Release Notes - Week 17, 2019
Datadeck Release Notes - Week 17, 2019