Create dashboard: The happiest countries in the world!?


I will be visualizing a dataset with Datadeck from Kaggle, to show you what are the happiest countries in the world!

Check out this video, how to:

  • Create an area chart
  • Create a bar chart (to visualize a top 20)
  • Create a table (to visualize a top 10)
  • Create a stacked bar chart (to visualize stacked values
  • Cross-reference data (to visualize whether trends are going up or down)
  • Duplicate a widget
  • Edit your CSV file used as data source

Final Dashboard

Happiness dataset from Kaggle


Great post, Guy!

One small correction, the VAR function you used in the video is actually Variance not Variable. It measures how far a set of values are spread out from their average value, so it’s a way of aggregating values (similar to SUM AVG but with a different calculation method).

Keep the good stuff coming please!