Create a Crypto Currency Dashboard in 10 minutes


In this episode, we’re showing you how to create your own personalized Crypto Currency Dashboard with Google Spreadsheets, Cryptofinance, and Datadeck.

Check out this video, how to:

  • Add an image
  • Collect data and put it in an automatic spreadsheet
  • Create a single value chart (to visualize today’s value compared to previous data)
  • Create a line chart (to visualize the data of the past 7 and 30 days)
  • Use add-on spreadsheets

Final dashboard

Cryptofinance tutorial

If you have a cool dashboard yourself, or a request, share it here with us on DataDumDum!

Datadeck Newsbites #3

:rofl: EOS keeps diving down ever since I bought it.
It would be fantastic if there’s a dashboard telling trends of various cryptocurrency (and even better can tell me which one is the better choice to buy and sell)


I wish i could help you predict these currencies… but i doubt if I would give you that special money making recipe :wink: