[Comment feature] What are your ideas?


Hi there,

Have you ever looked at a Dashboard or Report and thought “If only I could leave a comment…” or put a ‘Post-it’ on something.

How much easier would it be if you could leave some feedback for your teammate while working on the same data?

We have bumped into this issue over and over and guess what? We are going to fix it!
Datadeck is adding a ‘comment’ feature and we would love to hear your ideas about it.

What would be your “Perfect” comment solution?

Leave us a comment below or feel free to share any good examples of similar comment systems you’ve seen elsewhere.


Love to have it. As a Datadeck user I’d like to attach textual and visual annotation when I find insights or anomalies and let relevant people know, so that we can take follow up actions: can be a meeting, assigning a task, etc. I feel most of time I want to comment on a widget, but maybe occasionally on dash as well.

What’s important to me is, data is live and comments are contextual. When reviewing past comments it’s important to get access to data at that time.


Yes I also agree with @ymc. I think it’s also great if you could tag someone in the comment so that person can easily follow up. When the person is tagged they will also receive an email notification and hopefully eventually a notification within the project. Userback has an easy to use commenting/draw tool and also I like how Invision makes it really easy to click and leave a comment. Thanks DataDeck team!!!


Thanks for you feedback ymc and Ben, it’s very helpful!
Ymc mentioned that he would use it more on widgets than on dashboards, how about you @Ben?


@Claudia for me it would be both. For dashboards I don’t think as much… but widgets I believe it would be a lot more useful. :slight_smile:

  1. The widget level comments would be to the point since a dashboard can have a lot of widgets
  2. Public share link should be able to add comments based on emails of users who commented
  3. Will there be a messaging system/notification to reply to the people who posted the comments? email/slack? or will it be 1 way communication?


Hi the team.

First of all: big thanks for the new release! The tool was good, now it’s great, and the interface has really improved.

A really great thing to have would be the ability to compile multiple sources into 1 widget. For example, access Facebook and Google campaign costs to get a “campaign costs” widget.

Another thing is the possibility to export a dashboard to PDF, and a widget to PNG. Really useful to add it on a keynote.

Finally to save time, possibility to send automatically a dashboard by e-mail (each day, week, month, …) as for Google Analytics.

Best Regards,


Hi Nicolas, thanks for your awesome-cake feedback. Great to hear you are loving datadeck just as much as we do :wink:

Let me quickly update you on your 3 requests.

#1 merging two data sources into one widget will come available I think somewhere in July. As soon as I have a test version I will invite to play around with it so we can make it just the way you like.

#2&3 right now one of our product guys (Allen @yaoyun.shi) is working on a cool notification system that is already testable if you turn on Beta mode (in your space settings). At the bottom it will show Notifications;) with that feature you can subscribe to widgets and get daily or weekly reminders. We sent you a widget in PNG. This will work for GA or any other data source.

Please try it out and let me know what you think.

Big greetz
Guy from Datadeck


Guy, thank you for your quick answer!

  1. Wouaw! Nice to hear so good news. I’m so excited to try this function.

2+3. Thx for the tip, I didn’t know how to access it, I’ll test it now.

Best Regards,


Haha Nice!
I made a quick video a few days ago so some of our users can test The new Zapier integration. Maybe you like that as well;) )

The first few second in this video show you how to activate the Beta mode. With that unlocked you are good to go for Zapier, and notifications :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Let me know if it worked!


Well, I connected it after your first response, and tried it.

Will be perfect with availability to send to another user than me, with a custom message.
And list of all active notifications (to modify or delete).

Best Regards,


Hi Nicolas,
Thanks for testing our first notifications feature in Datadeck. The additional ideas you have make total sense and to me this sounds like a very logical next step in our way we notify users of their data and dashboards;)

I will make sure our team starts looking into it. Thanks again for your feedback and I wish you a great weekend.


:raising_hand_woman: Quick question, do you guys comment around dynamic data a lot?
For example, based on last 30 days new users trend and share ideas about an unexpected go-up or drop-down?
Or basically on data fixed report?



Hi Li,
for me commenting doesn’t really matter if that would be on changes of data or static data. I would like to use notes like a post it to point out for example an important insight like this:

1. Post-its (Sticky notes)

Imagine the “Polar bear facts” poster is the dashboard, I want to be able to use sticky notes to show what is happening or is important and share those insights with my team members.

2. Collaborate on comments

To show what I mean with this I use the Google Doc sample

  • Select a dashboard or widget
  • Click comments
  • and simply type a message - save
  • the widget with a comment gets a special icon so users can see there is a comment or discussion going on specific data results
  • click the widget and join the discussion --> just like in the image.
  • it’s like chatting around your data :wink:

3. Build a dashboard together
This is not 100% related to commenting on dashboards or data, but if I could build a dashboard together with a team member we would be able to find out insights together… making comments redundant. And by building something together again, have a look at making a Slide deck or Doc in Google for example.

I hope this helps to get some ideas of what Datadeck collaboration and comments could look like in the near future.


Thanks Guy.
I have to say it’s a bad leading question haha.
It’s not about providing different usage of comment based on dynamic or fixed data.
We are thinking whether we should make the data retrospectable to the moment people are discussing with. If it’s dynamic, it means the data is changing by itself all the time (not like on a google doc mainly modified by the creator with conscious awareness). So the point is whether it’s necessary to save that moment for discussion.

But still, love your idea about noting facts and creating dashboard together, do you think rich text could also help on this? :heart:


Fyi… love this @Guy. Would love a “sticky note” feature. Free simple and easy to use :slight_smile:


Miss Li,
You are very welcome :heart_eyes:

If we would have a chat/comment feature like above, a user would be able to reply and the date would be visible. So next month we can have new comments… and the cool thing is… we can see the discussions from for example last year as well :wink: Creating historical feedback on specific widgets/results and insights: All stored in Datadeck.