Changing the data source of a duplicated dashboard


hey guys! I love the new look for Datadeck!

The only thing I haven’t been able to figure out is how to duplicate one of my current boards and just change all of the Google Analytics widgets (it only has analytics widgets) to all point at a different source. I’d appreciate your help!


Hi Khalid,

Thanks buddy, we’re happy you :heart: it!
Now let’s see, did you use a template to create your dashboard or did you create it yourself?
In case you used a template, I have some good news. This Friday we will release a new feature to reuse templates and connect a different data source with the dashboard.
If you created it yourself you can duplicate it, but you have to change the data source widget by widget.
Now I know that’s not ideal, so I made a request to change it!

Have an awesome day,
Claudia from DataDeck