better mouse over tooltips with weekday and all data displayed


when mouse over in a chart i need to see all data on a specific day. not just one. like in other analytical tools ie google analytics. and – very important for ecommerce – i need to see weekday since weekdays for online shops are very important for revenues.

can you do this for me? for a better and easier quick insight into displayed data by more detailled mouse over tooltips. attachment



Hi Frank,
welcome to the Datadeck Community :wink:

I totally understand your request. @ymc Any suggestions on how we can improve our mouse overs in Datadeck?


Yes, definitely a useful feature, for all chart types with an X axis and multiple data series. I’m creating a backlog entry for it right now and will properly prioritize it. Thanks for the suggestion @Frank_Marent! Please keep it coming.


Great suggestion @Frank_Marent. Thanks for the feedback! :heart_eyes:


Hi Frank,
good news. We just pushed this feature live.

Let us know what you think.
Have a good day,


this is a great feature and i love it! just little things: as mentioned already tooltip should not hide the graphic also not in smaller charts. and the super luxury feater would be to have weekday too in tooltip withes dates since weekdays are very important for ecommerce.

i am super happy with the amazing customer service of datadeck who is constantly listening with great patience to all feature ideas and also little bugs i was reporting. i can only recommend to all datadeck customers to express all wishes to this awesome team who gives you the feeling you are friend and part of datadeck


I’m glad you see the feature useful, and thanks for the continuous feedback! Yes, I agree there can be improvements on the positioning and rendering of the tooltip, especially for smaller charts. I’ll discuss this with the team to generate some ideas.

I also understand the importance of weekday and there’re multiple places to enhance: like the tooltip you mentioned, time period comparison, and maybe the calendar control too. You’ll see improvements soon ;-).

Thanks for being such an insightful customer!