better mouse over tooltips with weekday and all data displayed


when mouse over in a chart i need to see all data on a specific day. not just one. like in other analytical tools ie google analytics. and – very important for ecommerce – i need to see weekday since weekdays for online shops are very important for revenues.

can you do this for me? for a better and easier quick insight into displayed data by more detailled mouse over tooltips. attachment



Hi Frank,
welcome to the Datadeck Community :wink:

I totally understand your request. @ymc Any suggestions on how we can improve our mouse overs in Datadeck?


Yes, definitely a useful feature, for all chart types with an X axis and multiple data series. I’m creating a backlog entry for it right now and will properly prioritize it. Thanks for the suggestion @Frank_Marent! Please keep it coming.


Great suggestion @Frank_Marent. Thanks for the feedback! :heart_eyes: